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Tobago: Island of Robinson Crusoe
Tobago: an exotic fairytale paradise
Tobago: Pigeon Point Beach
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The island of Robinson Crusoe: an exotic picture book paradise. Palm trees, laden with coconuts bow to the waves gently lapping on the shore. Huge butterflies and tiny hummingbirds flit colorfully through the rainforest which covers the interior of the island. Large numbers of fish of every color and size inhabits the waters and extensive reefs along the coast. Life in the small fishing villages and the sleepy capital follows a soothing rhythm. The tourism mainly congregates in the south-west of the island in Crown Point, where nice bars and restaurants offer entertainment. Every Sunday night all hell breaks loose in the little place of Buccoo, „The Sunday School", a hot party for locals and visitors alike.

Travel Information Trinidad & Tobago

Climate: Warm and rather dry between January and May, wet between June and December. Trinidad has the tropical climate with more precipitation. Throughout the year the temperature is between 77 and 91 degree Fahrenheit.

Hazards / diseases: Special vaccinations are not required for Trinidad & Tobago and usually not necessary. It is sufficient to get the usual protection (tetanus, etc.). When traveling in rural areas a vaccination against hepatitis A should be considered. Mosquitoes and sand flies can be annoying, it is best to protect yourself with one of the insect repellent agent, which is available for purchase everywhere on the islands.

Medical care: There are good doctors, clinics / hospitals in Tobago and Trinidad. Recommended in any case are: a travel health and repatriation insurance in case of serious illnesses.

Money / Currency: The currency in Trinidad and Tobago is the Trinidad and Tobago dollar (TT dollars). You will get approx. 6 TT dollars to 1 US dollar. It is advisable to bring U.S. dollars, as these are widely accepted and exchanged. VISA and MasterCard are accepted in general too. There are also ATM machines available, which can be used with the card and a pin-code.

Shopping: The prices in the supermarkets and restaurants are about the same as in tourist centers in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. The supply of food and beverages is plentiful; almost everything else is also available.

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