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Tobago has the world's most beautiful beach: But which one is it
Featured in every travel brochure but actually to be found in Tobago: White sand, turquoise seas and palm trees bowing gracefully toward the lapping waves. Experts agree that the Robinson-Crusoe-Island comes top of the world in the contest between picture book beaches. For insiders however, Pigeon Point, possibly the most photographed dream coast of the Caribbean, is by far not the most beautiful shore of the island… 

By Bernhard Grdseloff
Most often photographed: Pigeon Point
Most often photographed: Pigeon Point
...and one of the many competitors in Tobago
...and one of the many competitors in Tobago

The unequivocal favorites with the locals: First comes the Englishman’s Bay, a magical, untouched place, on the Caribbean coast about one hour drive from the main tourist areas. Second, a hidden paradise between Mt. Irvin and Stone Haven Bay, with no signs marking the dirt road leading to it.

"Tobago fulfills every cliché of picture book beaches" enthuses Volker Hinz. During his career the Star photographer of the German Magazine "Stern" captured nearly every known Vacation Paradise on film. "As a child I was fascinated by the story ‚Treasure Island‘ and many beaches in Tobago looks exactly like the one in the bay where the Pirate‘s ship first anchored".

If it takes Pirate tales to make a dream beach, then Tobago has, in all events, much to offer. Not only can you find a "Pirate’s Bay" which the locals reckon has one of the most beautiful beaches. There also is a "Bloody Bay" and a "Man O’War Bay", on the chart of the island.

According to Edward Hernandez curator of the Tobago Museum, different legends of bloody battles are woven around those places. But the names also have more peaceful explanations: "In the old times Mangroves were cut down in Bloody Bay to gain coloring agents. Their juice made the waters look blood red. And ‚Man O‘War Bird‘ is the local name for Frigate Birds, which nest in large numbers on the rocks close to the East coast of Tobago."

  Which is the island's most beautiful beach? 

Giselle Beaunburn, Shore Things: The perfect beach has clear water, shade, clean sand and must not be crowded with to many people. Therefore, my favourite beaches are Pirate’s Bay at Charlottesville and a secluded stretch of sand just past Mt. Irvin Bay.

Ted Greig, Ted‘s Sunshine Tours: My two favourite beaches are at Charlottesville. Pirate’s Bay is ideal for snorkelling, Lover’s Bay romantic and only accessible by boat. Both have clear water, silky white sand and palm trees providing shade.

Patrick Dankou, Nature Resorts:
The beach between Mt. Irvin and Stone Haven Bay offers a perfect scenery. You are usually on your own and you can surf and snorkel. My second favourite beach is located at Culloden Bay but its not publicly accessible.

Manfred Hirschmann, Dive instructor: Starwood Bay is my favourite: The most secluded and untouched beach of the island. You are all on your own – but you can only get there after a one-hour hike. Englishman’s Bay is the most beautiful, easily accessible beach.
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