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Grenadines: Caribbean out of the picture book
Heading for a picture book beach in the Grenadines
Bird eye's view of Canouan
Fishing boats on the beach
Tiny islands with white beaches and swaying palm trees. Lined up between Grenada and St. Vincentlike pearls on a neckless. Set in the turquoise sea.

Carriacou is the most original island of the Grenadines: Caribbean the way it was 20 years ago with beautiful picture book beaches. and a  charming island capital. Grenada's small sister island with its many reefs and offshore isles is  a paradise for diving and snorkeling.

Union Island is the center of the Grenadines and starting point for boat trips to the famous Tobago Cays: with turquoise water and coral-lined bays. The tiny island capital Clifton is a meeting place for yachties from all over the world.

Bequia is the most joyful island in the Grenadines: long white beaches and colourful restaurants and bars with cheerful people dancing barefoot in the sand. The inhabitants origin from all parts of the world. The main village, Port Elisabeth, is located on the picturesque Admirality Bay.

Palm Island is one of the most beautiful places in the Caribbean, as it is known from photographs: With alabaster white sand beaches, palm trees, a variety of wildlife and surrounded by crystal clear water. The whole island is a private luxury resort.

Canouan is and island of exclusive of exclusive holiday resorts enclosed ba a coral reaf like an atol. Inside the natural bareer extends a lagoon with cristal clear water and white beaches.

Cruising the Grenadinen by yacht is like staying in a villa, which - like magic - relocates itself everyday to a different dreamlike place: a romantic palm beach yesterday, a reef with crystal clear water today, and a bay with colourful bars tomorrow. In between at most 3 to 4 hours of smooth gliding over turquoise waters – driven by mild trade winds. Yacht cruising is the most beautiful way to enjoy the paradise islands of the Grenadines while being spoilt to the toe by an experienced crew ...

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