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Guadeloupe:colorful archipelago
The local Creole dress
L'Ilet a Caret in the Grand Cul de Sac Marine Reserve in the North of Guadeloupe
Fort Napoleon in Les Saintes
Beach of Vieux Fort in Marie Galante
A diverse Caribbean universe: more than a dozen isles, each a world of its own, like satellites orbiting the double suns that are Grande Terre and Basse Terre. These two islands make up the "mainland" of Guadeloupe, two butterfly wings, divided only by a narrow channel, but completely unlike one another. In the east, on Grande Terre, sugar plantations dominate the flat terrain. Mountainous Basse Terre in the west plunges from the 1500m high peak of the Soufriere volcano down to the turquoise blue Caribbean Sea below: blanketed in dense rainforest, it has gorgeous golden beaches in the north, and natural wonders in the south, like the sea-bed hot springs in the Jacques Cousteau diving area.

Les Saintes:The most picturesque islands of the Guadeloupe Archipelago
The most picturesque islands of the Guadeloupe Archipelago: two are inhabited, seven are not. They encircle one of the world’s most beautiful bays: lined with palm fringed white sand beaches and quaint fishing villages. The majority of the 3,000 inhabitants – many of them young, fair-skinned blonds – are emigrants from Brittany and Normandy. Colorful cafes and beach bars have turned the island into a little Caribbean St. Tropez.
Location: 8 miles south of Basse Terre.

Marie Galante:The most pristine island of the Guadeloupe archipelago
The most pristine island of the Guadeloupe archipelago: with broad sugar cane fields and sleepy fishing villages. No trace of the hotel boom and modern mass tourism on Marie Galante. Ox carts are still an important means of transportation and there are wind-mills everywhere. The coasts are lined with untouched white sand beaches and bathed by clear water. Brightly coloured fishing boats lie under swaying palms.

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Island hopping by express ferry Guadeloupe,: Les Saintes and Marie Galante

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