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Saint Lucia:The island that never sleeps
Saint Lucia: A bright smile against the background of the majestic Pitons
Beach with the Pitons in the background
Non-stop Caribbean. in the daytime, Saint Lucia’s all easy going: people bathing on palm-framed beaches, wandering around exotic fishing villages, hiking or jungle biking in dense tropical forests, or snorkelling and diving among colourful coral reefs. An idyllic place of tranquillity and tropical nature. In the evening, though, Rodney Bay awakens to a bustling nightlife: you’ll find more than 40 bars, restaurants and nightclubs along the trendy mile in the tourist centre. Even in some of the fishing villages people party right until the first rays of sun dip the majestic Pitons in pink light. They’re two volcanic plugs jutting out of the sea, almost 800 meters in height, which used to be worshipped as gods by the Carib Indians. A new, happy day in paradise is about to begin…

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